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A Leader knows that effective tools push a plan forward. The same applies to every day life.


As a Certified Holistic Coach and Entrepreneur I've learned that the better tools we have, the better we can become our best selves, living our best lives. 

That's why I created the Cellarium Treasures online store.


Cellarium means Storehouse. The place to find curated every day problem solving products to take on life with confidence.  

We offer the latest health & wellness trends and quality brands at affordable prices. 


Are you are treating yourself to a well deserve gift?

Wondering what to gift your family friends or coworkers?


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Cellarium Treasures goods are special, efficient and greatly  appreciated. 

Curated for Health & Wellness 

How are you taking care of yourself?

Take a quick  inventory of how you deal with stress, nutrition and exercise. 

Choose to care for yourself by wisely choosing tools that can help improve overall performance and reach goals. 


Living & aging well is possible with the right tools to fill your physical, emotional and spiritual energy tanks. 

Spread the Word Apparel 

We are so exited to share our signature apparel collection!  Includes, bags, shirts, mugs, reusable water bottles and more. I wanted to inspire you with encouraging scripture that remind us we are called to walk with purpose.

Part of the profit from our Spread the Word Apparel collection is donated to local and global missions spreading love and support to the less fortunate. 

Go ahead take a look and treat yourself to some fun, mindful & efficient goods! 


Peace to You, 

Yamira Lee Johnson 

Certified Holistic Life Coach 

& Wellness Chef 

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