How Immigration Continues to Evolve

President Barack Obama gave the expected step to request the intervention of the Supreme Court of Justice, to resolve, once and for all, the crucial response to the legality of executive actions regarding the extension of DACA and DAPA adult version.

The community of Hispanic immigrants gathered last, before the highest court of the US and reacted with joy upon hearing the appeal filed by the Justice Department against the nine judges of the highest court in the land week.

"There is no doubt that executive actions of President greatly benefit our economy and therefore strengthen our country. Their executive actions are not a perfect solution and definitely not a substitute for immigration reform passed by the Senate, but they are a step in the right direction before the Republican inaction, "said Democratic leader Harry Reid in the Senate.

Advocacy organizations for migrants, including community and members, announced they launched a campaign to expose before 9 Supreme Court the importance that for millions of undocumented immigrants an opinion in favor of the Department of Justice.

Supporters of immigration reform hope that the judges accepted the complaint review by the Obama administration, so that the final judgment is known in June 2016, before the November elections.

For more information visit USCIS and to read this article in Spanish go to La Red Hispana

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