How To Stand Out On Your Next Interview

Some people have asked me advice and suggestions to better prepare when a job interview. I share some that I know from my own experience and I have been good, I hope to help them.

· The first task before going to the job interview is to find more details about the company that has applied for employment as its main function, how long they have on the market, achievements and goals etc. This is important because it helps you get an idea of ​​what you can ask.

· Bring extra copies of your resume, always takes a couple of extra copies if you need them.

· If you have a card, takes a few so you can leave it with the interviewer. You can also make a few on your personal printer.

· Practice answers to the basic questions that could be made during an interview. It may be true that some of them do not feel prepared, the reality is that there is already a process specially designed for interviews with a basic questionnaire according to the company.

· In terms of dress and appearance, it is important to consider the location and type of work.

· Slow your talk, wait to be asked and answers you need. Don’t interrupt your interviewer.

· After the interview, clarify their doubts and ask questions, it is good to ask when they think make a decision about it and how you would be warned if you are selected or not.

· Always say goodbye cordially, give a firm handshake and smile to the person. Say thank you for the time spent and let them know once again that will be waiting a favorable notice of his interview.

· This last fact has worked for me great: Ask for a business card to your interviewer, if not, then write your email and phone number. The next day I sent a letter of thanks for the interview.

I hope these tips will be practical and help you maximize your chances of getting a good interview. Remember that first impressions count a lot, so arrive safely and show it throughout the process, trust you.

For more tips Meryland Cuevas and if you want to read this articles in Spanish go to LaRedHispana.

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