Dieting During Christmas

Dieting During Christma

That at Christmas dieting certainly does not sound very good too many; especially if we consider that it is precisely in this time when temptations seem to sprout from the trees and be everywhere, everywhere.

The monitoring of a balanced and healthy diet is especially important to Hispanics, since we suffer disproportionately higher rates of chronic diseases worsened by obesity and overweight, such as diabetes, or high consumption of processed foods high in salt, that they aggravate hypertension.

And if, perhaps not wise to talk about diets these days where cakes, breads, roasts, the pozole, flans, snack and hams, to name a few, begin to parade through our table and all tables to which we have access.

Then there is perhaps not the time to diet, but maybe we can counter the painful effects of excess if the plan better. If the matter is in the planning. If it is true that our children are special dishes, recipes inherited and consensual, it is also if we choose the best ingredients to prepare, perhaps, we can reduce its harmful effects in terms of sugar, flour or fat.

If it is true that it is more difficult to create wafers other than wheat flour, it is also true that if possible; the market offers a number of alternatives without gluten, which can be considered to avoid the tears of January in the mirror or those who torture effluvia of repentance.

Fine dining is one of the pleasures of life. No one can deny, and this is the time to enjoy it and a good dinner is the best excuse to reunite the family. So if that's what it is, to our family, why not use the best options to protect our family and preparing the most delicious healthy recipes?

If we know that excess fat is a problem for the health of our heart, why not pick fruit or vegetable oils - through the olive, the grape seed can be a healthier choice- for our recipes.

The economic issue may offer some resistance, but surely the health benefits are worth it. You can always cook with consciousness, not only choosing the best ingredients, that is the healthiest, but also the best techniques like baking, stir-frying and grilling.

For the healthiest ingredients have to think where they come from, how fresh they are and avoid processed foods. That means a little more effort and time, but certainly worth it. A good option is always local markets, where farmers and producers in the area offer fresh seasonal products that have not had to travel long distances to get to our table. This alternative also has the advantage of benefiting local finances.

And according to experts at the Mayo Clinic, it is good to remember that it is always essential to have a balanced diet that gives us firsthand the nutrients we need.

So the issue, ultimately, is not to deny us the pleasure of a good Christmas dinner, if not to put our best efforts to make it as healthy as possible.

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