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Education is the Key for Minorities

December is approaching and it's time for celebration. But it is also about time to make important decisions. Many Latinos do not intend to continue their education after completing high school ... and it's time to change that.

December is the month when seniors in high school must have completed their SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Test), applications to universities and the requirements of each institution. But it is also time to think about the future university. This is where many of us do not know what resources we have at our disposal and we just give up.

According to studies by the Pew Research Center, in 2014, only 18% of high school graduates enrolled in college. Why is the number so low?

We must look at this through the eyes of students and adolescents. Many Latino families cannot afford to send their children to universities, but is also common for Latino parents have not continued their studies. Therefore, it is easier for young people aspire to get a job after graduation from high school, instead of applying to college.

Now, it is very easy to say that education is the way, but how you get to it if you do not have the resources? That's where we need help. As Latinos we are used to not ask for help in many situations, but certainly when it comes to education, the more help ... better.

On the one hand, we have access to FAFSA. What is the FAFSA? The Office of Federal Student Aid is responsible for getting scholarships, loans and funds for programs of study at academic institutions. Entering the website you can start the process to get help, depending on the personal financial situation and academic achievements also.

There are also meritorious scholarships for excellence in different areas, in art as in science, math or sports. They should ask the school guidance counselors, and if there is one in high school, call directly to the institution of interest for advice.

Do not forget to apply early, seek assistance may not know it's there, and most importantly, ask for help when in doubt. December is the month of college applications, but now is the time to start planning our future. Latinos are a latent majority in the US and is in our hands to make a change to our community.

We young people are students-who can educate and turn out to vote, to fight for our rights, and equality.

For more information or to read this article in Spanish visit and

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