Radio Angel Returns

The Radio Angel Returns to the Airwaves

La Red Hispana’s family is proud to announce the return to the radius of one of the greatest theatrical personalities in Spanish in the United States, Dr. Isabel Gómez-Bassols, "El Angel de la Radio", who starts in this house a new radio program, after leaving a successful surgery for kidney cancer.

Inspiration to millions of Latinas and Latinos over 18 years of experience, Dr. Isabel and return to radio hand Hispanic Network (, a service of Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) to continue its mission to help and advice listeners of all ages in situations of homelessness, domestic violence, family relations, matters of the heart, mental health, child safety, education and more.

"When we face such situations, we must be persistent, and with great faith. I have always lived life with courage, hope and passion ... and I will continue doing so," he said visibly moved this mother of four and grandmother eight grandchildren.

Dr. Isabel was diagnosed with a suspicious mass in the left kidney a few weeks ago. She was operated on this month in the city of Boston and the doctors managed to preserve almost two thirds of the kidney.

"Dr. Elizabeth is not just a psychologist, is a reliable voice for our community. She has the ability to inspire millions of people to carry out positive changes every day. We want to empower radio stations to help your listeners through these programs, increase their audience and thus make a significant difference in the community, "said the Executive President of HCN, Alison Rodden.

For more information or to read this article in Spanish visit The Red

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