Latinos Against Climate Change!

As representatives from over 195 countries are meeting in Paris, in the 21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change (cop21), surveys show that US Latinos are the ethnic group most concerned about the effect of environmental pollution at its family, community and country.

85 percent of Latinos living in the United States believes it is "extremely important" to reduce pollution and use alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power and launched concerted efforts and increasing water conservation, according a poll conducted by Latino Decisions for environmental organizations.

Likewise, it is telling that 8 out of 10 Latin Americans consider very important to protect the wildlife of US public lands and endangered species. A similar proportion supports the establishment of national standards for clean air, prevention of global warming and climate change.

Polls show thus a natural inclination of Latinos living in the United States for the preservation of nature and participation in activities such as recycling of waste, although a proportion of this does not have the tools, resources or knowledge for a more active involvement in environmental conservation.

For now the world's eyes are focused on the work of cop21 in Paris, amid widespread expectations the representative of the nearly 200 nations, most of them ministers, achieved forging a global agreement to protect future generations this week ecological, economic and social effects caused by climate change.

For more information or to read this article in Spanish visit The Red

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