Luis Fonsi's Crusade Against Cancer

Few know that for a decade, the Puerto Rican star Luis Fonsi is given time to combine his incessant occupation, with the altruistic work as spokesman for the campaign to raise the St. Jude Research Hospital in the Latino community in the U.S..

Accompanied by Sebastian, one of the young patients of the hospital, Luis spoke to Hispanic Network on the importance of Hispanics we support the cause of fighting cancer contributing any amount within reach of our pocket to put our grain of sand in order to overcome this dreaded disease.

"It is important not to forget the children who are fighting for their lives," says Luis, passionate about the cause. "Much remains to be done, we will not stop until we find a cure and until no children die from this terrible disease.

Although science has made great strides to improve the survival rate of patients diagnosed with cancer, both treatment and research require significant investments. At St. Jude, for example, any patient or family to pay anything treatment, medicine, shelter, food or transportation.

"As Latinos we are fighting to unit people, we will not give up, I invite you to contribute what they can. Every dollar makes a difference, "asked Louis

For more information on campaign donations "Thanks and Giving", or to read this article in Spanish visit this page or call 1800-278-5833

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