Migration In The Radar 2016

The start of the New Year comes with good intentions and a healthy dose of hope of an improvement to our Hispanic community in the United States and especially for immigrant families who have a more vulnerable or facing imminent deportation.

In this context, the Obama administration launched in 2016 with a series of raids directed against the families of Central American immigrants who have ignored their migratory processes, a move intended to tackle the new wave of unaccompanied minors fleeing violence and poverty in countries such as Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

As expected, a coalition of organizations defending immigrants reported the first arrests that began the weekend in the state of Georgia and plans a campaign of protests to prevent what they see as an unfair separation of immigrant families.

The new deportation policy of the White House is in addition to the fact that migration plays a central role in campaigns for president of the United States, ensuring that the 2016 be a year of political definitions on the future of the immigration debate. While some would want to provide a path to citizenship, others seek open the door for the departure of millions of families.

One purpose in the Hispanic Network is to strengthen our programming to keep our community informed, not only about the immigration debate, but all actions that help us improve our welfare. Dr. Isabel Gomez-Bassols, El Angel de la Radio, reaches our programming every day from 1 to 2pm Eastern time and have a renewed Welcome to America with Jose Lopez Zamorano. Other programs will be announced shortly.

For more information or to read this article in Spanish, visit The Red Hispana.org

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