A Relief to Central American Brothers

Under pressure from Democrats to seek an alternative to the controversial Central American families raids allies, President Barack Obama announced his decision to expand access to American acceptance program for the most vulnerable refugees and the families of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras .

After a group of 146 House Democrats, backed by unions and migrant advocacy groups, repudiated the raids and demanded respect for due process for children and adults who are fleeing violence in Central America, the White House decided to increase access for relocating asylum seekers North Triangle.

Therefore, the Obama administration will offer a legal alternative to dangerous and illegal journey that many perform in the hands of traffickers to process their cases in third countries and enable the High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations to identify people in need of protection as refugees

He also pledged to better address the needs of those living under the threat of violence from criminal gangs and domestic violence, defenders of who have been threatened, and others.

This is good news for our Central American brothers who, like all migrants, not only deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, but receive all the benefits provided by law. Nothing more, nothing less.

For more information visit NCLR.org and / or network Hispana.org

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