Since The Election Year Begins!

The presence of candidates on radio stations, on the screens and in newspapers

While certainly it has warned that this is an election year worldwide, so there

to forget is that for our community, is crucial.

In the year that has just begun Americans are called to choose destinations

from our country. As Hispanics have a duty to participate. There are many emergencies

We suffer as a community and the new resident of the White House will have a leading role

in its development.

Therefore, it is important to understand that the electoral process in this country is something special, differentin several respects from that often used in our home countries and includes concepts such as primary, caucus, delegates, polls and more.

The point is that in November this year the United States will elect its Chairman and

Vice President in February but is now beginning the electoral process. From February to June

They will be held in the states called "primaries" and "caucus"

also known as "caucus" in which citizens will elect their candidates.

There are several types of primary elections, but excel closed and open, in the

Closed can vote only for a candidate of the party in the open can be voted for

candidate of any political party. There are states that only made primaries,

others combine primaries with caucus and others who just celebrated caucus. Asípor example, the states of Arizona, Colorado, Delaware and Utah do not have elections.

They vote in primaries but caucuses. His duty is to find out what is the case in your state.

To participate as voters in primary elections citizens must register, have

an address or postal address in the United States. It is important to remember that each state has

its own rules on how to register. Again you are the protagonist.

Caucuses, on the other hand, are meetings in which party members, Politicians are divided into groups according to the candidate they support, undecided voters make up a separate group and end each candidate recruits a number of delegates. Delegates are

appointed late to vote.

Thus, the first of February, the Iowa caucus election year open. To

Next week, New Hampshire will have its primary. The process in which

two political parties choose the candidates to participate in elections

November presidential runs until the spring of this year.

Remember that voting is not only a duty, it is also a right. Make a calendar, find

when are the primary in your state, stay tuned and sign timely but

all things, learn about the candidates.

In the 2012 elections they voted more than 11 million Latinos, but another 12 million

They stayed home. The vote is our voice and we can not let others decide for


To learn more visit, made the government's initiative to answer all

your questions. Remember that your vote is your voice and you are entitled to it.

For more details about their rights to vote, visit

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