The Moment of Truth

After weeks of waiting, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed to hear an appeal by the Obama administration to the court ruling put on hold the executive orders to expand DACA and adult version, prompting jubilation among the immigrant community, activists and legislators.

"We expected the Supreme Court to take this case and now expect the triumph of view of the president. The law, legal precedents and the people are on the side of President Obama, "reacted by Illinois Rep champion of immigration reform Luis Gutierrez.

Announced in November last year, the new executive orders on President Barack Obama migration benefit about 5 million people, including hundreds of thousands of "dreamers" and more than 4 million parents. However they were challenged by 26 states led by Texas.

In its appeal, the Obama administration argues that the federal government has the legal authority to issue the immigration ordinances across the country, while opponents argue that states implementing measures would involve a budget President "injury" unfair.

Under the high court calendar, the judges may hear oral arguments in April and rule for the month of June, which could have an impact on the immigration debate to the presidential elections in December.

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