A Key Year

2016 is shaping up as a key to the future of America in general and for the Latino community in particular year: It will stage the crucial presidential elections in November, where it is involved not only defining the tenant or tenant of the White House Congress and governorships, but a national project.

More than 12 million Latinos participated in the last presidential elections in 2012, but 12.2 million

Eligible voters Hispanics did so for many reasons: they were not registered and did not have time or interest in going to the polls to cast their ballots.

The Legislative Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) estimates that 13.1 million Latinos would vote in presidential elections in November but this requires maintaining voter registration efforts. This found that once registered, eight out of 10 Latinos go to the polls.

To make matters worse, millions of Hispanics who are not legal permanent residents cast their ballots because only US citizens are allowed by law to vote. Only in the case of our Mexican brothers, about 3 million have not taken the step to become citizens even though their country allows dual citizenship.

For those who have not completed the naturalization process for economic reasons (the cost of the process has increased to $ 695 per person), it is important to know that more than one million Latinos are eligible to receive an exemption if they meet certain criteria for their income.

For more information about the voter registration process or to read this article in Spanish, visit The Red Hispana.org

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