A Sleeping Giant

It is said that Latinos are the Sleeping Giant of US policy and that we are the voters in states crucial "swing" as Nevada or Colorado, which are entities that can be tilted to both Democrats and Republicans did.

But the demographic weight of the largest minority in the United States can only be done if you supported the voting. That means that permanent residents become citizens, and those who are already registered to vote, and that all come to the polls when it matters.

One million new Latino citizens is the goal that has been set by the Latino-led Victory Foundation and where the International Union Service Employees (SEIU) participate coalition HOUSE organization and individual legislators like Luis Gutierrez and Norma Torres.

"We are seeing a huge increase in interest in naturalization so that the candidates have been saying about Latino immigrants, natives or citizens and others around the world. The energy in my hometown of Chicago about citizenship and voting is tremendous, "said Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez.

"Our vote is our most powerful weapon in the fight against anti-immigrant rhetoric that is dominating the political discourse. We have to prove to those who demonize our community there are consequences, and we will By registering to vote, and going to the polls in such large numbers cannot be ignored, "he agreed the legislator Norma Torres.

For more information about the naturalization process or to read this article in Spanish, visit The Red Hispana.org

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