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Cooking for One or Two?

Attention: Singles, Newlyweds, Retirees, Empty Nesters...

Cooking for One or Two can be a great way to enjoy a variety of ingredients, while getting the best value for your time and food budget. It can also be challenging for those used to cooking for a big family or group.

Here are some best practices to make kitchen time efficient without wasting time or treasure.

Plan a budget

  • Having a budget puts you in control of your food supplies and spending.

  • Choose Quality over Quantity

  • Smaller quantities of higher quality of wholesome ingredients is good for your health.

  • Meal Prep and invest in a system to pre make meals instead of wasting ingredients or spending money eating out.

  • Get creative with leftovers. Rice or noodle Stir Frye are a great way to enjoy left overs. Also, salads and sandwiches, perfect for a quick lunch or snack.

Shop for less

  • Choose smaller packages. Most food retailers offer single or two serving options, even pre seasoned or pre prepped packages.

  • Fresh fruits and veggies can be frozen before they go bad and go to waste, freeze your fresh fruit and veggies. They are great for smoothies, soups and stews.

  • Keep track of Inventory. Check and take note of your supplies often to avoid spending on items you already have at home

  • Double up and Save. Take advantage of BOGO sales with your favorite ingredients and avoid multiple trips to the store.

  • Keep cans for quick meals. Low sodium, organic canned beans and veggies are great to complement a healthy meal when time is limited.

  • Keep track of expiration dates. In addition to nutritional information, labels provide important information like expiration dates and how ingredients are sourced.

Cooking for yourself or just two has great advantages, be sure to prepare and keep at hand the best ingredients and kitchen tools to make your cooking time enjoyable.

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