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Heart Health

All in One

Certified Holistic Life Coach,

Florida Licensed Food Safety Manager, 

Wholesome Meals Prep, 

Wellness Cooking Instructor,

Food Whisperer

Family and Corporate Events

serving Central Florida and Beyond. 


Online Classes/Workshops 

Class investment based on group size, topic, and class duration. 

Virtual &  Hands On Guided Cooking Classes 2023

From class one, expect foodie champs to learn simple best practices to be enjoy creating delicious dishes, in a safe and clean kitchen environment. During class , foodie champs will have access to a full kitchen, pantry, equipment, and professional

instruction by Coach & Wellness Chef Mira. 

Some of the topics we can share include, but are not limited to....

Food and kitchen safety practices.

How to Meal prep, for wellness, time and budget

Nutritional value of ingredients

Planning and budgeting a meal

Healthier Oils, Salts, Vinegars, Sugars

Condiments Groups and Applications

Handcrafted pasta & 3 sauces (marinara, Alfredo, and herbs)

One pot meal Sir Fry & Sautee -


All ingredients, Plant based, Gluten Free

Wholesome baking & Alternative flours