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Physical Therapy Session

Non Opioid Alternatives

for Pain Management 

"The number of drug overdose deaths decreased by 4% from 2017 to 2018, but the number of drug overdose deaths was still four times higher in 2018 than in 1999.  Nearly 70% of the 67,367 deaths in 2018 involved an opioid." - Center for Disease Control

Find here the latest research and resources on non opioid alternatives to alleviate pain and regenerate your body with holistic techniques and intentional wellness care. 

Homemade Remedies

Herbs Roots & Natural Supplements 

The use of herbs and roots to manage optimal health is not new, it dates from ancient times.. Today, the rise on health care, epidemics and adverse side effects of traditional medicine, has increased demand for functional care and the industry has skyrocket to over $60 billion per year.  

Learn more about what experts, functional medicine practitioners and users are saying about how to  safely apply natural supplements, and how they  can impact overall wellness. 

Stones of Meaning


Mind, Body & Spirit with EI 

Healing comes from within, and to find much needed relief one must look inside and deal with deep scars causing soul, body and spiritual brokenness. 

We offer Emotional Intelligence resources and tools to take control of the issues keeping you from growing, reaching your goals and building healthy relationships with yourself and others. 


Healthy Food

Wholesome & Healing  


Food is Fuel and using wholesome ingredients to support overall health can render great benefits to your body, mind and spirit. 

Here's what you need to learn about wholesome food ingredients that boost immunity, support adrenal, mitochondrial, tissue, bone health. All required to balance body functions and keep you performing at your  best. 

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