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I believe that the kitchen is where Art and Chemistry meet & mingle. To me the art of cooking is like a melody of colors and textures strategically mixed together with calculated chemistry and techniques, rendering powerful scents and mouthwatering flavors.

Food is Fuel for the body and can also trigger emotions, memories  and new journeys. 

I'm happy to share easy to follow cooking techniques and kitchen tips to make kitchen time fast, delicious and overall an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Some of the locations were we teach include:

We are now offering our Cooking classes and Demos online. Book an online cooking instruction for you, or a group and enjoy from the safety and comfort of your home. 

Hands on class groups of 12 or more 

Gather your family, friends, group or club for a fun class and learn to make your favorite dishes. Class includes all ingredients, kitchen ware, recipes,  food tasting, activities, kitchen tips, and access to the latest wellness trends. 

Cooking Demos & Tastings

Come ready to take notes while Seasoned Chefs share recipes, step by step prepping techniques, nutritional value of ingredients, followed by a a scrumptious tasting. Service include all ingredients, cooking wear, recipes, food tasting, kitchen tips, and the latest wellness trends. 

 Great for corporate team building and youth programs. 

Food and Wine Tastings

Your choice of five wines paired up with 5 recipes tapas style. This fun event can be customized to your group needs. Guest 21 and older. 

Pampered Chef  Virtual Cooking Class 

If you would like to host a Pampered Chef Class at home or virtual, we are happy to assist you! 

Gather some friends for delicious food and a fun time. There are different themes and topics to choose from. 

Book an online private or group class today! 

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