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Do You want to learn how to cook with wholesome ingredients and use Food as Fuel to support overall wellness? 

Book a Group or Individual Healthier Cooking Class with Mira Today! 

Class investment depends on group, topic and class duration. 

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Herbs.  Roots.  Supplements.

If you would like to learn more about using herbs, roots and natural supplements as an alternative to support wellness, we have what you need here! 

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Emotional Intelligence/

Wellness Coaching 

Healing from Within 

Life is full of wonderful experiences and also challenging ones. We offer effective E I and Wellness practices to navigate and enjoy your  live's journey. 

Walk in Your Purpose! 

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Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc.,
We are getting ready to resume our catering services, meal prep deliveries and live cooking classes. 

No worries, We are still here to serve you with 
Online Holistic Life Coaching, Wholesome Cooking Classes & Cooking eBooks 
Stay tune, soon we'll share our new location and services! 

We appreciate your continued support!



Would you like to offer our online healthy cooking classes to your group, family or communty?


Contact us and get Cooking! 

Stay safe and healthy. Be kind. Wash your hands!