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Lentil Luau to End Hunger in Central Florida

Feeding Children Everywhere It was such pleasant surprise to receive an email from Karleigh Debose, Community Engagement Intern at Feeding Children Everywhere inviting us to join their community Hunger Project in Central Florida. I had not met them before, but their name alone immediately caught my attention. I was excited to learn more about their mission. Through the power of lentils, Feeding Children Everywhere empower and mobilizes the community to provide healthy meals for local children. Our assignment was to prepare a distinctive recipe to match the “Hawaiian theme” and serve about 125 people. They suggested Hawaiian Lentils, I have never cooked such thing. It just so happens that t

10 Steps to Fight Cardiovascular Disease

Here are 10 steps The American Heart Association recommends to fight cardiovascular disease. ​ Understand your calorie needs-Hidden and empty calories go against cardiovascular health. Choose to eat calories filled with dietary fiber, lean protein and good carb Increase Physical Activity-Get moving, ongoing exercise routines can have great impact on preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and overall health Eat lean-Lean meats and plant based proteins as well as omega 3 fatty acids can be healthy modifications. Drink lots of water-Our bodies need to stay hydrated, water keeps your body hydrated and helps your get rid of toxins. It also helps curb appetite and facilitate body functions E

South Florida under Zika Virus Warning

​ According to the Florida Department of Health, in addition to 336 travel related ZIKA infections there has been 15 non-travel related infections reported (55 of those cases were pregnant women). ​ The agency is conducting an investigation in the Miami-Dade County area. They seek to identify more cases, and causing conditions for the spread. ​ Until now the Zika virus had been aggressively spreading in Brazil and the Caribbean. Brazil alone has reported more than 1,000 babies born with Microcephaly caused by the virus. ​ The incubation process for the Zika virus can take about 2 weeks and in many patients symptoms can go undetected or have a mild effect and can last for about a weeks. ​ So

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