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10 Steps to Fight Cardiovascular Disease

Here are 10 steps The American Heart Association recommends to fight cardiovascular disease. ​

  1. Understand your calorie needs-Hidden and empty calories go against cardiovascular health. Choose to eat calories filled with dietary fiber, lean protein and good carb

  2. Increase Physical Activity-Get moving, ongoing exercise routines can have great impact on preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and overall health

  3. Eat lean-Lean meats and plant based proteins as well as omega 3 fatty acids can be healthy modifications.

  4. Drink lots of water-Our bodies need to stay hydrated, water keeps your body hydrated and helps your get rid of toxins. It also helps curb appetite and facilitate body functions

  5. Eat whole grain-Adding grains and fiber to a regular diet it’s a great way to improve digestion and excretion of body toxins.

  6. Go nuts with nuts- Nuts are packed with antioxidants, protein, fiber and more. Adding them to your regular diet will help you increase energy and promote overall health.

  7. Choose low fat-Extra calories are stored as fat. Lower your fat intake and your weight will decrease too. Watch out for low fat foods with high calories. A good best practice is to read nutritional labels.

  8. Add vegetables- Fiber helps lower cholesterol, improves digestion and helps you feel full longer. Choose whole grain and unprocessed whenever you can.

  9. Avoid trans and saturated fats- Lower cholesterol levels are critical for prevention of CD

  10. Limit processed sugars –Diabetes mellitus is directly link as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In the US more than 21 million adults have been diagnosed with diabetes

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