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8 Best Practices to Conquer Fall/Winter Travels

Fall and winter travels are a wonderful time to meet with family and friends to celebrate with thanksgiving all the wonderful moments the year brought. However, staying cool, calm and collected during travels can be a challenge on its own. Here's is a list of 8 basic best practices for safe and sound traveling This list came in handy during a season of exiting (exhausting) travels across the Country with our four kids and two cats. Now that we are empty nesters, we still follow it. Secure your vessel- If you are driving make sure your vehicle has been checked for standard maintenance, calculate route, traffic and include a fuel budget for the trip. Keep roadside assistance contact informati

How to Beat Toxic Bullies at the Office with EI

Bullying vs. Emotional Intelligence by Yamira Lee Johnson Bullying is often referred to as a behavior observed among school aged children. However, what happens when a young bully is encouraged or does not receive the proper tools to improve their behavior and the resources to build healthy relationships? Too often they grow up to become home and work place bullies. Bullies can also be leaders. They lead the pack and make sure those with less power than them are submitted to their will. A leader with an imbalance of power in the office can be a harsh manager or superior that uses their position to oppress, humiliate, and fulfill their need to feel in charge. They become micromanagers and use

How to Choose The Right College for your Needs

What do you need to take into account when choosing College? After all the years of homework, projects, essays, teacher’s notes etc., Finally, High School is over. Now what? According to the U.S. Department of Education. During the 2017-2018 school year, over 3 million students from public and private schools were estimated to complete high school. Choosing the right college can be an overwhelming task, especially if a student is not certain about the path they want to follow in the professional world. This important decision can be influenced by student exposure to different trades, community experience, natural talents and/or family and friends likes and dislikes. Some students know what t

Hope for Hurting Parents

Dealing with the Holiday Season can be joyful times for many and extremely emotional. How can Hurting Parents endure this emotional times?

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