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Nurses Need

The moment when we must define what we want to be in life, usually one of the most difficult. The matter is complicated by the inexperience that we hold in adolescence and many sometimes because we lack information or do not have the necessary advice. Today, the Hispanic community is the largest and fastest growing in the United United. However, less than 4% of 3,000,000 registered nurses are Hispanic; even though 17% of the population is Hispanic. The question is why? Again, the problem may be due to lack of information. We know that this profession does not It is just one of the noblest and capable of enhancing the human condition, but also a It is offering a wide range of economic opportu

Long Live Diversity

For over 20 years the Mexican poet Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize for Literature 1990, used to claim that the diversity of America is the source of his greatness and not a source of weakness. Two decades later, it is a fact that the November elections will be the most diverse, ethnically and racially, history. Although the Mexican writer laureate --Author of The Labyrinth of Solitude, one of the most revealing x-mexicano-- spirit is no longer with us, he surely would have pleased to know that the source of this diversity is the population growth Spanish in the United States. According to a new study by the prestigious Pew, almost one in three (31 percent) eligible to vote on November 8 will be His

Want To Be A Hero Or Heroine?

Latinos and Latinas carry in our DNA the vocation to serve others. We do it in little things, like helping the needy, care for the sick and pamper our loved ones Why not turn your passion for public service in a well-paid career, with flexible schedules filled with personal rewards? The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) has an answer that can literally change your life. If you want to learn more, achieve your dreams and have a stable and productive career, seriously consider a career in nursing. Thousands upon thousands of Latinas and Latinos dared and are making a difference in their lives, their families and their communities. Therefore the NAHN launched a new edition of its s

An Alarming Epidemic

When the popular consumption of a product category causes more deaths than all accidents on the roads of the United States and all deaths by firearms it is time to take action. We speak of course of drug use, both illegal as heroin and opium-derived painkillers and provided prescription. It is a phenomenon of increasing severity that the proper administration of President Barack Obama recognized as a national "crisis" that is devastating entire communities of the country, especially the suburbs of American cities and that this affected if disproportionately to families white. In 2014 more than 47,000 Americans died because of drug overdoses, 60 percent of which were caused by painkillers pre

A Huge Sum Of ... Latino Voters

Each election cycle Latinos make history by setting new numerical record of political participation. The elections of 2016 will be no exception as a new high of 27.3 million voters Latino origin could cast his vote on November 8 projects. 44 percent of those million dollar figure is the "ancient" latinos, ie those born between 1980 and 2000, a statistic that confirms the growing importance of youth in the growth of the population of voters and their potential impact in the election results. But the bad news is that while growth "giant" Hispanic population seems to stop, the reality is that the proportion of Latinos who come to the polls is declining in recent election cycles. In other words,

Child Victims Of Trafficking

Central American migrant children who arrived in the United States over the past five years, fell victim to trafficking because there was inadequate supervision of the Office of Refugee Reassignment Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) people They claimed that, according to a Senate report. Senators Claire McCaskill and Rob Portman were announced this week the results of the investigation six months after minors from Guatemala were found in a trailer park in the state of Ohio, where he was enslaved by his captors on a farm poultry. "It was disturbing to learn that many children placed by HHS fell victim to the terrible crime of human trafficking," Portman said. Most affected childre

Zika Alert

With 31 cases of confirmed in the United States Zika virus, most made by patients who went abroad and were bitten by mosquitoes "Aedes", the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), asked launched a travel warning to Central and South America, and they updated recommendations to prevent unnecessary spread in areas where the insect proliferates. In the absence of a preventive vaccine, the CDC maintain that the best way to avoid infection is to use sleeved shirts and long pants, stay in air-conditioned places or using mosquito nets and insect repellents use approved by the) Agency Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For parents, the CDC advises however not use repellents on infants under two mont

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