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Tell us, What's Your Hustle? B12 Shots, & Blueberry, Pineapple Energy & Antioxidant Drink

B12 is one of eight B vitamins. according to Mayo Clinic experts, B12 is water soluble and found naturally in meats, fish, and dairy products. Experts highly recommended B12 supplements to support anemia treatment, weight loss and B-12 deficiency nerve problems.

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include depression, tiredness, paralysis, and dementia. Therefore, keeping track of vitamin B12 levels is a long-term goal while seeking wellness. Although experts agree that it can happen at any age, chances of vitamin B12 deficiency, tend to increase with age.

Acupuncture Physician, and Mayo Clinic trained health coach MengLan Chen founder of Medical Acupuncture in Maitland & Orange City Fl. visited us at the 5 Loaves kitchen, and shared more facts about how vitamin B12

works, while we put together a wholesome blueberry, pineapple smoothie, packed with antioxidants and B12.

While mixing up our antioxidant packed smoothie, I asked Dr. Chen what is B12? and, What to expect from having a vitamin B12 shot?

The Volusia County award winning practitioner explained that vitamin B12 is a micro-nutrient in the body, and it regulates nerve cell’s function, restores genetic material, and influences mood, among other vital functions. “Vitamin B12, helps the body produces serotonin, which is a mood stabilizer, a hormone our body produces”, Dr. Chen continued to share.

In 2005 the Canadian Institute of Health Research published a study were the efficacy of both oral and intramuscular vitamin B12 showed favorable results. Additional studies published by Cochrane Database Sys Rev in 2018, also sustained the efficacy of both forms of vitamin B12.

Always seek a trusted medical practitioner for diagnosis and treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency and any other ailment.

Vitamin B12 is in foods like chicken, beef (preferably grass fed). Also, salmon, eggs, cheese.

Here is a chart published by, with the expected amount of vitamin B12 by 3 ounce serving.

Cooked clams: 84.1 micrograms.

Steamed mussels: 20.4 micrograms.

Cooked Atlantic mackerel: 16.1 micrograms.

Steamed Alaska king crab: 9.8 micrograms.

Cooked wild rainbow trout 5.4 micrograms.

Cooked salmon: 2.4 micrograms.

Compared by the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12, according to National Institute of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements.

Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Vitamin B12

Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation

Birth to 6 months* 0.4 mcg 0.4 mcg

7–12 months* 0.5 mcg 0.5 mcg

1–3 years 0.9 mcg 0.9 mcg

4–8 years 1.2 mcg 1.2 mcg

9–13 years 1.8 mcg 1.8 mcg

14–18 years 2.4 mcg 2.4 mcg 2.6mcg 2.8 mcg

19+ years 2.4 mcg 2.4 mcg 2.6 mcg 2.8 mcg

Now you have basic data about what is vitamin B12 and the benefits of using wholesome ingredients and vitamin B12 to balance its deficiency, before making and informed decision while shopping for groceries or B12 supplements.

We are so excited to share these recipe and video where Dr. Chen shared evidence-based content about the benefits of Vitamin B 12 shots, their effectiveness and why anyone with B12 deficiencies should get them.

Please always consult a trusted physician before making any health-related changes.

Try this drink as a smoothie or add bananas, blend and place in the freezer overnight for a wholesome nice cream.

Blueberry & Pineapple

Energy & Antioxidant Drink


1 tsp Cinnamon

2 tbsp Seamoss gel

2 tbsp. hemp seed hearts

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup of dice pineapples

2 cups of pineapple peel tea

3 cups peppermint tea

2 cups ginger lemon hibiscus tea


Boil water and steep ginger lemon hibiscus, and peppermint tea. Peel pineapple and dice, and boil the peel for tea. Let them rest and come to room temperature. Once they are completely cooled off, you can put in the refrigerator until ready to make drink.

In a blender or food processor, add ingredients starting with the fruit, hemp seeds, Seamoss, cinnamon, teas and ice.

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Wholesome food is Fuel. Check out some of the benefit of these wholesome ingredients.

Cinnamon- can help reduce glucose levels.

Seamoss gel-High iodine, magnesium, and vitamin B12 content.

Hemp seeds- Contains linoleic acid, can help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Blueberries- Vitamin C, resveratrol, and antioxidans, supports mental health, diabetes, and blood pressure.

Pineapple- Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, bromelain enzyme which supports digestion

Peppermint tea-Improves energy, antibacterial, soothes nerves and digestive discomfort.

Ginger- Can help reduce nausea, may help reduce inflammation, and supports blood sugar levels, brain health.

Lemon-Improves digestion, high vitamin C, fiber, and is alkaline.

Hibiscus-Provides beta carotene, vitamin C, can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation.

Now when you eat these wholesome ingredients, you will know how good they are for you. Find more recipes and evidence in our blog and let us know how we can help you reach your wellness goals.

Photo credit: Jeanette Medina. from left to right Dr. Lee, Dr, Hudson, Chef & Coach Mira, Dr. Chen

Dr. MengLan Chen, M.D.*, DOM, MSOM.

Acupuncture Physician (FL)

Founder of Medical Acupuncture

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Board Certified in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

Board Certified in Acu-Point Injection Therapy

(FL Acup Board)

MD trained in Monserrat

Maitland & Orange City




Oral Vitamin B12 versus intramuscular B12 for vitamin B12 deficiency.

Wang, H., Li, L., Qin, L. L., Song, Y., Vidal-Alaball, J., & Liu, T. H. (2018). Oral vitamin B12 versus intramuscular vitamin B12 for vitamin B12 deficiency. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 3(3), CD004655.


Vidal-Alaball, J., Butler, C. C., Cannings-John, R., Goringe, A., Hood, K., McCaddon, A., McDowell, I., & Papaioannou, A. (2005). Oral vitamin B12 versus intramuscular vitamin B12 for vitamin B12 deficiency. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (3), CD004655.


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