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Obesity Affects a New Generation

The new millennia generation continues to grow and develop new trends, habits and problems with society and subcultures. Childhood obesity has become a common trend among young children and young people in the EU. Experts have reported an increase of approximately tenths of millions of obese children in the last two decades. The largest number of obese children in the United States are in low-income families and minorities. The lack of resources and time can prevent adults in the family to inculcate healthy eating habits and that has gradually promoted health issues. Genetic composition can also be a factor that makes minority children more susceptible to excessive weight gain. Children who

Drinking & Driving Can't be an Option

The arrival of the December holidays bring various celebrations -and in many cases include alcohol- worth remembering that prevention and safety driving should be our first guest during holiday parties. Year after year, the figures are repeated. During the festivities dramatically increase traffic accidents and therefore fatalities that accompany them. Only between 8 and December 31, 1,180 people died on the roads of the country, and about 30 percent of those accidents alcohol was involved. The first of January is one of the deadliest days on the roads of this country and -all according to the National Traffic Management and Road Safety in -NHTSA- in December 2013 there were 733 fatalities i

Look Out for 'Fraud'

More than 10 percent of Americans have been subjected to credit card fraud, a deplorable phenomenon that is growing with the arrival of the holiday shopping weekend of the year and has increased the inclination of a growing number of consumers shopping online. Financial institutions recommend monitoring the activity of their bank accounts-if you use debit- cards and statements in the case of credit cards. Most banks and card issuers now have sites for access through mobile devices, which can even be assigned an alert to watch for improper charges. It's also advisable to protect personal information, since identity theft tends to rise in times of increased purchases. Do not share your Social

Congratulations to Rita Moreno!

Its an honor to announce that the list keeps growing for Latino talent whose career and artistic virtues are being recognized with the highest distinctions worthy of the nation. Now it was the turn of Rosa Dolores Alverio, a Puerto Rican diva universally known as Rita Moreno. It was President Barack Obama who awarded a medal Moreno with the award of one of the most important cultural institutions, the Kennedy Center in Washington, where he shared the stage with acclaimed film director, George Miller, the African American actress Cicely Tyson The pop star Carole King, the Japanese pianist Seiji Ozawa "Each of these artists was born with something special to offer to their country and the worl

High cholesterol Is Still A Threat

By Luisa Fernanda Montero For La Red Hispana One in eight US adults continues to have high cholesterol levels, according to a report released this week by the National Center for Health Statistics -CCHS- the Centers for Disease Control US -CDC. According to the experts involved in the study, even though it is clear that many are making an effort to improve their cholesterol levels, much remains to be done. The problem is that, as emphasized Dr. Gregg Fonarow, professor of cardiology at the University of California at Los Angeles, "... high cholesterol is one of the largest generators of heart disease." Among higher the highest levels called "bad" cholesterol in our blood, our heart disease r

Luis Fonsi's Crusade Against Cancer

Few know that for a decade, the Puerto Rican star Luis Fonsi is given time to combine his incessant occupation, with the altruistic work as spokesman for the campaign to raise the St. Jude Research Hospital in the Latino community in the U.S.. Accompanied by Sebastian, one of the young patients of the hospital, Luis spoke to Hispanic Network on the importance of Hispanics we support the cause of fighting cancer contributing any amount within reach of our pocket to put our grain of sand in order to overcome this dreaded disease. "It is important not to forget the children who are fighting for their lives," says Luis, passionate about the cause. "Much remains to be done, we will not stop until

Latinos Against Climate Change!

As representatives from over 195 countries are meeting in Paris, in the 21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change (cop21), surveys show that US Latinos are the ethnic group most concerned about the effect of environmental pollution at its family, community and country. 85 percent of Latinos living in the United States believes it is "extremely important" to reduce pollution and use alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power and launched concerted efforts and increasing water conservation, according a poll conducted by Latino Decisions for environmental organizations. Likewise, it is telling that 8 out of 10 Latin Americans consider very important to protect the wildlife of

Californians Take Advantage Proposition 47

United States, the largest and most influential economy in the world, has a record that few countries envy: It houses the largest prison population in the world, equivalent to more than 2.2 million people, a large number of whom were imprisoned for offenses related to drug use. Fortunately, the state of California, which historically has been a laboratory for cutting-edge ideas, gave decisive to help resolve an issue where Hispanics have one disproportionate impact steps, through the passage of Proposition 47, which was supported by social organizations as wide range, including the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Latinos, for example, suffer more likely to be arrested, detained and convi

Congratulations to the Estefan Family!

Congratulations to the Estefan Family! Gloria and Emilio. Emilio and Gloria. Two Latin American Cubans ... ... two citizens of the world that do not require much introduction, not only because his unquestionable talent has been recognized with the sale of more than 100 million albums in 40 years of career, but also for his long career as promoters of Hispanic cultural heritage. It is for this reason of particular pride that the Estefan family has received in the White House from President Barack Obama, the highest honor Medal of Freedom which gives the US government to people who have made meritorious contributions to the culture, science or national security. Emilio Estefan was recognized b

Dieting During Christmas

Dieting During Christma That at Christmas dieting certainly does not sound very good too many; especially if we consider that it is precisely in this time when temptations seem to sprout from the trees and be everywhere, everywhere. The monitoring of a balanced and healthy diet is especially important to Hispanics, since we suffer disproportionately higher rates of chronic diseases worsened by obesity and overweight, such as diabetes, or high consumption of processed foods high in salt, that they aggravate hypertension. And if, perhaps not wise to talk about diets these days where cakes, breads, roasts, the pozole, flans, snack and hams, to name a few, begin to parade through our table and a

Education is the Key for Minorities

December is approaching and it's time for celebration. But it is also about time to make important decisions. Many Latinos do not intend to continue their education after completing high school ... and it's time to change that. December is the month when seniors in high school must have completed their SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Test), applications to universities and the requirements of each institution. But it is also time to think about the future university. This is where many of us do not know what resources we have at our disposal and we just give up. According to studies by the Pew Research Center, in 2014, only 18% of high school graduates enrolled in college. Why is the number so low

Bread For The World

Bread for the World The media often present the start of the holiday season year end in America with images of thousands of people in a buying frenzy clothes at department stores and electronics. But that vision masks an alarming reality: In the richest country in the world 49 million people suffer from food shortages. Founded in 1974 and with a current stake of more than 6,000 churches of various denominations, Bread for the World is kept lobbying for approving legislation in Congress, programs and projects against hunger and extreme poverty not only in the United States but also internationally. Among Hispanics more than 3.6 million people suffer due to lack of basic needs. The sad reality

Radio Angel Returns

The Radio Angel Returns to the Airwaves La Red Hispana’s family is proud to announce the return to the radius of one of the greatest theatrical personalities in Spanish in the United States, Dr. Isabel Gómez-Bassols, "El Angel de la Radio", who starts in this house a new radio program, after leaving a successful surgery for kidney cancer. Inspiration to millions of Latinas and Latinos over 18 years of experience, Dr. Isabel and return to radio hand Hispanic Network (, a service of Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) to continue its mission to help and advice listeners of all ages in situations of homelessness, domestic violence, family relations, matters of the heart, ment

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