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Nurses Need

The moment when we must define what we want to be in life, usually one of the most

difficult. The matter is complicated by the inexperience that we hold in adolescence and many

sometimes because we lack information or do not have the necessary advice.

Today, the Hispanic community is the largest and fastest growing in the United

United. However, less than 4% of 3,000,000 registered nurses are Hispanic;

even though 17% of the population is Hispanic. The question is why?

Again, the problem may be due to lack of information. We know that this profession does not

It is just one of the noblest and capable of enhancing the human condition, but also a

It is offering a wide range of economic opportunities.

We have to go to the next level. We have to consider nursing as a

employment opportunity for men and women and to understand that our community needs

nurses and trained and culturally suitable for nurses caring for patients.

As confirmed by the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, the constant

increased diversity in the United States --ofrece a number of challenges and opportunities to

health system, both from the perspective of care and attention to patients and from

the creation of public policies.

It is important that we increase the number of nurses for many

reasons, but mainly because they need and deserve clinics, hospitals and

health able to offer culturally and socially related to meet the needs of

their patients. And patients deserve that kind of service.

We have to multiply the number of servers Hispanic health and reduce barriers

language that also limit us because as a minority - we are still - we are

disproportionately affected by various chronic diseases and possess the highest

Death rates from preventable and treatable conditions. We need health professionals

Hispanic able to communicate, educate and advance the necessary path of prevention in

our communities.

Young people and adults who are in the process of identifying the profession who want to follow

They should know that nursing is a very good economic alternative offering great

labor and professional growth opportunities.

In this process, parents should be a support, guidance and help for their children. should

understand that nursing is one of the noblest races, better paid and stable

They may follow.

Anyone who has gone through a hospital knows how important it is to feel well looked after. The

nurses are examples of perseverance, determination, discipline and confidence and we Hispanics have much of it.

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