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8 Best Practices to Conquer Fall/Winter Travels

Fall and winter travels are a wonderful time to meet with family and friends to celebrate with thanksgiving all the wonderful moments the year brought. However, staying cool, calm and collected during travels can be a challenge on its own.

Here's is a list of 8 basic best practices for safe and sound traveling This list came in handy during a season of exiting (exhausting) travels across the Country with our four kids and two cats. Now that we are empty nesters, we still follow it.

Secure your vessel- If you are driving make sure your vehicle has been checked for standard maintenance, calculate route, traffic and include a fuel budget for the trip. Keep roadside assistance contact information, insurance and registration within reach. Keep valuables secured in the trunk of your car. If you are flying or sailing make sure you have tickets, ID’s, passports and all auto and lodging reservation information.

Prepare traveling easy to carry snacks for the trip. This will keep you from unnecessary stops due to sudden hunger attacks, especially when traveling with kids and elder individuals. Choose high protein and fiber content snacks and slow burning carbs keep to keep you fueled and energized. Include water and refreshments in your traveling kit.

Make a list emergency contacts and any medications needed and make sure they are refilled to meet the length of the trip. Triple antibiotic, bug spray and band aids should be part of your emergency package.

Stay connected-Keep electronics charged with traveling cords and extra chargers and batteries.

Keep them busy-Be sure to bring kids entertainment accordingly to their age and needs. Blankets, Toys, books, pencils, tablets, movies and such. Be ready to sing songs for the kids and tell stories to keep them from boredom. Also share with them best practices like; contact with strangers, trip to the bathroom and paying attention to where the adults are going.

Pack effectively- Use your packing space wisely. Most airlines have extra fees for luggage and space can be challenging in rental cars. Be sure to choose appropriate clothing for the weather at your vacation destination. Sort and have a check list when packing for toiletries, underwear, outfits and such. Unless you are able to wash and dry in your trip, include a plastic bag for dirty laundry in your suitcase. If traveling to cold weather pack chop stick and hand and feet warmers. If going to the tropics, include sun tan lotion and moisturizer.

Pet friendly traveling-If you are traveling with pets, for their own safety make sure to bring their leash, blanket and crate. Also pre portion and pack their food, water \ and snacks in plastic storage bags. This will avoid measuring on the road or even risking their food getting wet. Just to be safe include preventive flea and tick medications to avoid infestations on the road.

Mental Preparedness- Severe Winter weather can make traveling volatile, be prepared for delays and cancellations, having the right expectations can avoid traveling disappointments. Try to get a good work out in and rest before heading to your destination. Share with your traveling companions your expectations regarding how challenges are going to be handled and the purpose of the trip, whether is pure fun, family gathering or even work.

Stay in Budget-Keep track of expenses and stay within your budget. Vacations are meant to give you a break from your daily routine and responsibilities. Avoid overspending and acquiring debt during vacation, so you don't have to spend the rest of the year paying for it.

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