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The Power of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are no longer only known for those catchy "Chia Pet" infommercials "Chi, chi chia!". This tiny seeds are more complex than just fertile soil for a grass afros. Studies have pointed out that Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamis that are crucial to healtly development.

Chef Fernanda from shared an interesting article about, Chia Seeds origins and how they were storaged by the Aztecs during food shortage.

Chia: Super Food of the Aztecs

Super Food of the Aztecs

The Chia (Salvia hispanica) is an annual crop in the mint family, descended from Mexico and Guatemala. Chia is one of the four principal crops of the Aztecs. They knew the great power of these little seeds. The Aztecs carried Chia as a reserve for use during periods of food shortage, but also used them as a form of currency in exchanges, and as additives in medicine.

In today’s world, this powerful seed has turned into a favorite among athletes, nutritionists, and health trainers like me. They have also turned into a favorite amongst vegetarians since it provides the highest content of omega-3 in the vegetable kingdom.

Nutritional advantages of the chia per gram:

  • High source if Omega-3 (8 times more than salmon)

  • Rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble

  • Rich in potassium

  • Antioxidants

  • High protein content

  • Provider of Vitamins A and B

  • Excellent source of:

  • Calcium (6 times more than milk)

  • Iron (3 times more than in spinach)

  • Magnesium (15 times more than in broccoli)

  • Chia helps maintain blood sugar levels regulated, meaning that it moderates the desire to overeat.

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