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Time for Latina Equality

By Luisa Fernanda Montero

A few days ago, the Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid made the following statements on the subject of Equal Pay Day for Latinas. Reid said on the Senate floor, the reality of working women in America is immoral and unjust. He's right.

The Equal Pay Day for the Latino woman was held on October 30, is as Democrat said, a day to remember how many days they have to work Latinas to earn the same salary as their colleagues earn do the same job. The fact that Latina women have to work nearly a year and 10 months to earn what their male counterparts earn in a year is unacceptable.

There are some states where the situation worsens, but nationally the average Latinas earn 55 cents for every dollar earned by their male colleagues. The wage gap for women because they face a loss of more than $ 25,000 a year.

The fact is that these persistent differences affecting Hispanic families disproportionately. Moreover if we consider that many Latina women are heads of households: 30 percent of US Hispanic households are headed by a single mother.

Or the United States, or anywhere else, should be accepted wage gaps. Which persist in a developed country like this is embarrassing; but it is also a wake-up call. We must persist in raising educational levels of our women, our children and our youth. It is in our hands to break the chains that continue to subject millions of women.

Education is the answer. They receive in schools and universities, but also that received at home by example. That is the most important.And much remains to be done. According to the latest data from the Pew Research Center for Hispanic than non-Hispanic women have lower levels of education peers. 36 percent of them did not finish high school and about half -49 percent - of all immigrants either

The same report reveals that Hispanic full-time workers earn much less than their American counterparts and generally are more likely to live in poverty. All these figures are cause for reflection. Education is the weapon with which we can avoid that future generations continue to live unjust realities. We need to educate and elect leaders who prioritize education and perhaps we will soon have the opportunity to celebrate our achievements and not our weaknesses.

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