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Congratulations to the Estefan Family!

Congratulations to the Estefan Family!

Gloria and Emilio. Emilio and Gloria. Two Latin American Cubans ... ... two citizens of the world that do not require much introduction, not only because his unquestionable talent has been recognized with the sale of more than 100 million albums in 40 years of career, but also for his long career as promoters of Hispanic cultural heritage.

It is for this reason of particular pride that the Estefan family has received in the White House from President Barack Obama, the highest honor Medal of Freedom which gives the US government to people who have made meritorious contributions to the culture, science or national security.

Emilio Estefan was recognized by the President as a passionate and visionary music producer, an entrepreneur, author and composer who has won nine Grammys and influenced a generation of artists from the birth of the legendary Miami Sound Machine, and has helped popularize Latin music internationally.

Her companion, Gloria, was credited as the artist who introduced the Hispanic art to a global audience and one of the first to achieve a successful transition from Spanish music and music in English, a feat that saved the way to success for countless Spanish-speaking artists who have followed in his footsteps.

In a good mood, President Obama joked during the awards ceremony on the first meeting between Emilio and Gloria in 1975. They met at a reception when Emilio played the accordion. Months later he asked her for a birthday kiss. But "it was neither her birthday nor him, but since that kiss, Emilio and Gloria Estefan have been partners, "said a smiling Obama.

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Watch the video of the Medal of Freedom Presidential Award Ceremony

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