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Sugar ... The Silent Enemy!

Thanks to the early incompetence of my pancreas, which today do not stop agradecer- much I learned to escape the temptations ago sugar. So I can attest that, while not easy, the effort is We all have a weakness for some sweet succulence no more tempting-or cream-flavored ice cream three other non pisos--They can resist to a "sweet home" ruthless and others succumb without remorse to the temptations of chocolate or cakes assorted colors.

Not to mention the delicious, cold and flavored sodas. It is understandable. So go a little on the harsh reality maybe You can help us control the White threat to consume it generate awareness and habits that can make it clear to the small, there are always alternatives.

To begin, it is worth remembering that sugar does not go online. If your intention is to maintain a healthy weight and a flat stomach, sugar It is not in the list of its allies. But also if it is not yet worried should know that sugar is one of the worst enemies your heart.

It is well documented that excessive consumption of sugars raises triglycerides, but a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association -Journal of the American Association Heart- puts in our hands evidence that excess Sugar affects the heart's pumping mechanism increasing their chance of failure. Bad new. What's more, leptin.

A study published by theleptin. American Psychological Association, reveals that excessive fructose consumption is linked to a condition known as "leptin resistance", which Christian means that leptin,which is the hormone responsible for informing us already we ate it enough, it does not.

The consequences can easily lead to. By the way, another study showing that the toxicity generated by the Excessive consumption of fructose and glucose is comparable to that caused by ethanol and other liver indicating that too much sugar can relate to memory loss and general deterioration with cognitive functioning of our health.

In sum, the sweetness of sugar that has accompanied man for hundreds years, is an old but treacherous friend. The most persecuted these heights, is perhaps the white purity that seems to be the most harmful and snacks and more used in industrial preparations.

So the recommendation, for those who can not get it out definitely your diet would be the best of the best, is that the consume carefully. There are different alternatives in the market.

Just in case, remember to check food labels to control it consumes. It's a good idea to check their glucose levels and pay a visit to your nutritionist. Remember your health is in your hands.

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