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Colon Cancer

Did you know that colon cancer is one of the top causes of death in the United States of America?

That’s not all, the number of victims keep increasing on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You should inform yourself about this condition if you want to stand the chance of preventing it.|Colon cancer is said to occur when a tumor is formed inside the rectum or the colon. The colon and the rectum are the two organs that make up the large intestine. So when a tumor appears inside the rectum or the colon a person certainly has cancer.|When a tumor forms up inside a rectum or a colon then it can either be a gentle tumor or a nasty tumor. These are the two kinds of tumors that are known to occur inside the large intestine.

Benign tumors are also referred to as polyps. They are benign because they lean themselves to easy surgical operation. This is because removing them can be done without any impediment. |One difficulty encountered with benign tumors is that they are hardly detected in the first place. When they are not found over a long time they gradually transform into malignant tumor thus making it difficult to cure. Nonetheless it is treatable.

When a person is diagnosed of malignant tumor then it means he has got a tumor that affects the body at a very fast rate. This kind of tumor can easily lead to death of the patient. It is very important to consult a doctor for possible solutions. A benign tumor that was detected early before or just when it turns into a malignant tumor can be cured with ease. However, due to the lack of symptoms that are not noticed before the tumor spreads makes it very difficult to find out the existence of the tumor. When a colon cancer starts spreading all over, it can cause signs that may not trigger an alarm in a potential patient. These sings include, fatigue, stomach ache, blood in stool, vomiting and an alteration in bowel habits. However, when these symptoms persist a medical examination can help to reveal it.

When a patient is diagnosed with colon cancer; surgeons carry out an operation to take away the sections of the large intestines that are involved. After removing these parts, the doctor sews back the intestine. The large intestine is around four feet in length when a portion of it is removed there will be no problem you don’t need to worry. When a patient undergoes a colon cancer surgery it is very important that the doctors carry out another medical examination to ascertain whether there are other cells that are still affected. This test is essential because it is the only means to check if there is any progression of the disease.

Sometimes post colon cancer test can reveal that cancer has affected the linings of the large intestine. It can also reveal that the cancer as affect areas like the abdominal region, cells and organs in the body when this is the case it means another stage of cancer has been diagnosed, this is call stage three colon cancer.. When colon cancer spreads and affects areas other than the linings of the large intestine, abdominal cavity cells and tissues then it means the colon cancer is in the forth stage. At this stage a patient has to keep undergoing treatment and further tests need to be carried out to determine the best form of treatment.

Did you know that a colon cancer in the third stage can be treated? Patients have a fifty percent chance of surviving. However, the one other factor that contributes to a patient’s chance of survival is early detection of the disease.

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