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Breaking Bread with Mira Digital Influencer

If you are one of those who believe that social networking is just an opportunity to waste time, think again. The conference Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) 2015 held in Washington made it clear that the era of instant communication over the Internet is an excellent opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

"Social media is important for all, to do business, to study," says one of its organizers, Yamira Lee Johnson, an entrepreneurial Hispanic American in Orlando, Florida. "We want minority, Hispanics, people who perhaps are having some kind of financial challenges, have access to these tools as well to overcome that to open business."

Yamira is a living example of a Hispanic who took the opportunity of technological innovation to develop a business that connects companies with their customers through social networks. She is convinced that owning a business brings great rewards but also risks and responsibilities.

"Identifying trends and opportunities for growth helps reduce the possibility of failure. Understanding the struggles of competition in the industry is a great way to develop an effective action plan “she recommends.

Hundreds of young men and women who came to Washington from all over the country to participate in LATISM 2015, teaching practical opportunities for personal growth and offering technological advancement and communication in social networks took. "We want young people to see their future," says Yamira.

For more information about LATISM 2015 and Yamira Lee visit his two companies, Breaking Bread with Mira, Inc., and Business Nature, Inc.

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