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Kitchen Safety is Caring for your Family

At least one in six of us have been or will be a related poisoning preparation, storage or improper cooking of our food. Surely this proportion is even higher among us Hispanics, many of which carry in the veins taste for preparing culinary delights and savor our family.

Although we are faithful defenders of our traditions and customs, it is important to follow the latest scientific advice on the care that we must watch when preparing, storing and cooking food. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends four simple steps to protect ourselves:

  1. Wash your hands and wash cooking utensils with warm water and soap

  2. Separate raw meats and fruits and vegetables other cooked food

  3. Cook meats and other foods to proper temperature to kill bacteria, and use a food thermometer to measure the proper internal temperature

  4. Keep cold foods at temperatures of 40 degrees or less

Many of us have the habit of washing poultry before cooking. But that not only kills bacteria but it can spread throughout the kitchen. The only way to remove harmful bacteria is to cook the birds to the correct internal temperatures.The only way to remove harmful bacteria is to cook the birds to the correct internal temperatures.

It is very easy to convert these 4 steps in a new family tradition. Because when it comes to caring for the family and protect it from food poisoning ‘Everything Counts!’

If you would like to read this article in Spanish go to La Red Hispana

For more information about the campaign of the USDA, visit: Todo Cuenta

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