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Hope for Hurting Parents

The year end marks a joyful season of cultural and religious celebrations. For example Christmas its the time when believers gather to celebrate traditions, their year blessings and honor the birth of Jesus Christ. For some families, this season can also be an overwhelming one. Losing a loved one, enduring the absence of a close friend or family member, financial burdens, sedentary or excessive lifestyles and decisions can also increase anxiety and despair during the Holy season.

Tom and Dena Yohe lead Hope for Hurting Parents. Their mission allows them to understand firsthand the volatile emotions experienced by hurting parents, family members and friends when a loved one is struggling with addictions, incarceration, suicide attempts and other painful circumstances.

Through their ministry Tom and Dena share their experiences and offer comfort and encouragement to their audience. Their mentor-ship also include resources and action steps that can help through a painful and isolated journey.

If you or anyone you know are enduring a difficult holiday season, PTSD, depression or simply need encouragement you can find more information and resources at

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